Ignition Interlocks

ROADGUARD Interlock The BEST of the BEST!

You have many choices when considering an IID device in PA, so thank you for considering us. Draeger US Interlock, has been rebranded and will be known as ROADGUARD Interlock going forward, using the same Draeger equipment as before! We do believe these are the best systems available in PA. They are fast, they are easy to use, discreet and the installation is free to you! What more can you ask for? When you are ready, simply call 800-332-6858 and they will walk you through the setup process. Once that’s complete and your client portal is populated, an appointment will be scheduled with us for install. From there, we handle the rest. Local service and a low monthly fee make ROADGUARD & Draeger your best option! Please see the links below for required forms and further information.

Call us at +1 (724) 537-9255 to talk about how we can help customize your vehicle today!

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