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Do you want to remote start your vehicle from the comfort of your home? How about your place of work? Want to heat it up in the winter, cool it down in the summer? We provide multiple options to choose from, depending on your vehicle and it's equipment. If this sounds like fun, keep reading!

A Brief Overview

You have many choices when considering a remote starter for your vehicle, so thank you for considering us. New vehicles are not all built the same, so remote starter units are not either. Essentially, it all starts with either a low current remote start, or a high current remote start. (year/make/model vehicle decides this) From there, operation with your factory key FOB may be an option using your lock/unlock buttons to start your vehicle. If it's not, or you simply want more range than what your factory FOB provides, we have (3) different add-ons available. To get an exact idea of what we have available for you and your vehicle, please stop in, call the shop or send us an email. Year, make, model, key start or push/smart key? Gas, diesel or hybrid? This is what we need to know to give you all your available options! Pictured are some of our add-on remote/antenna packages. 


Start Your Car with Your Factory Key FOB

If this is an available option, you can use your factory key FOB to start your vehicle using your lock/unlock buttons. This solution will also give you the least amount of range as it relies on your existing remote and keyless entry system to work. You will be exchanging range for convenience. The distance of your existing FOB, will determine the distance your remote start will operate. We don't do 3x lock like most others, which can result in accidental starts; such as pressing your lock button multiple times to verify it's locked, hear the horn honk, etc. We instead do a simple lock/unlock/lock sequence to start your vehicle. No need for extra remotes, just the same OEM key FOB you carry now. These systems start at $299.99 installed for most vehicles.

Car Stereo One Inc

Aftermarket Key FOB & Smart Phone Control

These systems give you increased range over your factory FOB, but you will need to carry the remote in order to use the system. Base package is a 1-way system that includes (2) remotes and up to 3,000' range capability. These are a $69.99 add-on to either one of our base remote starter systems. Available in either single button, or multi-function remote options depending on what's required.

Next up is our 2-way system. These include (2) remotes. One standard multi-function remote, and one rechargeable LCD display remote. These provide up to 3,000' range as well, but this system will also tell you that your vehicle has started and is running! (this is what the 2-way system provides. Feedback!) Don't remember if you locked your car? Check your remote! Want to know remaining run time? Check your remote! These are a $99.99 add-on to either of our base remote starter systems. 

Need/want unlimited range? Do you like tech? How about being able to use your smartphone? Or smartwatch! These systems will also work with your factory key FOB if applicable with your vehicle. Start/stop, lock/unlock, run time countdown and vehicle location by GPS is what these systems offer. Once installed, you will be emailed a link to download the app. Setup your account and done! First year of service is free to you! Yearly service after is only $39.95! These are a $199.99 add-on to either of our base remote starter systems. 


Message from the Owner

We understand that you have many choices, and we appreciate your consideration of our services. When you purchase a remote start package from us, you’re not just paying for goods and services, but you’re also getting the knowledge and experience we’ve gained doing this for a LONG time now! We did our first remote start system around 1990! I've personally been here doing this since 1991!

You won’t find that anyplace else, and that’s something you just can’t put a price on.

Companies we Work with

The majority of the systems we install are manufactured by Fortin, iDatalink and Crimestopper, depending on the application. The telematics pieces are from My Car Controls. Feel free to check out some links!


Fortin Products

My Car Controls

Lifetime Warranty

Our remote start systems come with a limited lifetime warranty on the units and remotes. The only thing you'll have to do is occasional battery replacement, as you do with your factory key fobs. 

Car Stereo One Inc

We’ve Got You Covered

From the limited range of your OEM remote to the unlimited range using your mobile device, we have you covered.

~ Chris Smith, Owner

Car Stereo One has a large variety of products to choose from, so give us a call today to see what we can help you with! +1 (724) 537-9255